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Capri Gloves

In Capri Island comes the tradition of craftsmanship that is renewed in the “manufacturing that survived the time” with the company Capri Gloves, glove masters in Naples since the early 1900s, who have always combined wisdom, innovation and unique style in the excellent production of leather gloves Made in Italy.

Capri Gloves was born from the experience of producers of ancient art tradition, handed down for generations, in the pursuit of a specific result: jealously guarding a rigorous design that has always characterized its artisans over the years, maintaining the quality standards of the leather. The result was therefore an original and precious line, offering several carefully selected models and reaching an increasingly demanding and extensive clientele, calibrating according to fine and differentiated tastes.
Capri Gloves is a famous brand in Italy and abroad and recognizable for the cut, the stitching by hand and the innovative design, for the high quality materials and for the wide originality of its collection, which from the small “caprese” boutique reaches Worldwide.

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